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Herniated Disk, Shoulder, Knee, Back, or Neck

Seek immediate medical treatment if you believe you are suffering from a hernia or rupture.

If necessary, call 911 to ensure timely and professional treatment for your serious injury. Describe the cause of your injury as well as intensity and location of your pain in an open and honest manner. The doctors will need to know your medical history including previous injuries that may be relevant to your treatment. If the doctor asks you a question that you don't know, never guess and give potentially false information. Of utmost importance, follow your Doctor's recommendations and advice.

  • Do Not Give Any Statements: Do not give any statements to anyone except your doctor regarding your serious personal injury. This includes statements in writing, over the phone, or in person without first speaking to a personal injury attorney.
  • Photographs: Document your serious physical injuries with photo images. Remember to photograph all aspects of the accident. This includes any vehicles involved in the accident, property damage, and images of ownership (i.e. license plates). Don't forget that many of today's cell phones have photographic capabilities.
  • Witnesses: Attempt to get a record of all names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of people who witness the serious personal injury.
  • Draw a Diagram of the Accident Scene: Write the date and time of the accident on the diagram. In addition, write down information about the location, including the intersection, street names, any stop lights or traffic control signs and other landmarks.
  • Police Report: If the police make a report because they responded to an emergency call (i.e. 911), you will need a copy of their accident report.
  • Medical Expenses: Keep a record of all doctor's office visits, medication (over the counter medications and prescriptions), tests, and laboratory services, physical therapy, hospital visits, medical treatments and documents, diagnostic services including all types of x-rays and scans. Be sure to include names of doctors, dates of visits, amount charged, and the reasons for seeing the medical providers.
  • Keep Evidence of Injury: Save all medication containers, arm and leg braces, casts, and any other medical equipment prescribed by your doctor.
  • Work Time Loss: Document all work time loss. If time loss is extensive, income-tax returns for 3 years may be beneficial.
  • After Accident Photographs: You should continue to take photographs of your injuries at different times after the serious personal injury. Include the date on the back of the photo.
  • Witnesses: Contact them for a written statement before too much time lapses.
  • Do not keep a diary! Entries in a diary may be helpful but may also be used against you in litigation. Record the same information in the form of a letter addressed to your attorney. This record is then confidential and your attorney can assist in determining which information is helpful to you.
  • Car repair estimates and/or bills: Keep a record of all expenses and estimates of repair if your vehicle was involved in the accident. This includes temporary replacement transportation like the cost of a car rental.
  • Out of pocket expenses: Kepp all receipts related to your injury that you have paid for "out-of-pocket". These expenses could include: heating pads, ace bandages, child-care expenses, cancellation of a vacation trip or event, clothing, etc.

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